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Orga-Knee-Zer Kneeboard

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Kneeboards - OKZ - 1968

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Model A1-MC - The most popular kneeboard, designed for general aviation aircraft without a center stick, including most Beech, Cessna, Piper aircraft and more.  Technically, the Model A1-MC is a tri-fold design with a reduced size "mini-cover" on the left side, that supports the contents of the ring binder, but doesn't get in the way.  The A1-MC can also be used as a simple clipboard for preflight checks when closed.  The A1-MC  is 9" long by 8" wide, and has a width, when fully open of around 16".

Model A1-MC Features:

Standard 1", 7-Ring Binder: (for JeppesenR, NOS or office product use)

  • Accepts JeppesenR approach charts directly or within 7-hole punched sheet protectors,
  • Accepts NOS terminal procedures and folded charts in 7-hole punched chart pockets,
  • VFR sectional charts can be pre-folded and inserted into chart pockets with end exposed,
  • NOS booklets and other bulky items can be secured in-flight with elastic hold downs,
  • Accepts 7-ring accessories from leading personal organizer suppliers.

Fold-Out, Self-Supported Writing Surface:

  • Allows pilot to flip through charts and use self-supported writing surface simultaneously,
  • Writing surface can be quickly folded out of the way when necessary (verify prior to flight),
  • Clip on top and 1/8" elastic cord on bottom secure papers from wind gusts or prop draft,
  • VelcroR wrapped pencil and corresponding VelcroR strip provides quick, secure access,
  • Unit can be customized with additional VelcroR (not included).

Versatile Usage Based on Needs and Space Available:

  • Hinged writing surface and outside cover can be individually opened or closed,
  • Base can be used on left or right thighs or comfortably held between thighs depending upon cockpit requirements,
  • Unit can be flipped 1800 for left-handed pilots,
  • Unit can be used as a simple clipboard, when in the closed, compact position.

Unique Base Design:

  • Curved shape and foam padding helps unit stay in place on a thigh or a desktop,
  • Provides low-profile clearance under yoke when unit is open,
  • Elastic strap and quick release buckles comfortably secure unit to thigh if needed.

Utility Holder and Sharpener in Base:

  • Elastic holder can be used to secure a mini flashlight (not included) or gooseneck light (not included)  to illuminate charts during night flights,
  • Elastic holder can also secure a spare pencil or pen (not included),
  • Built-in, aluminum pencil sharpener with replaceable blade can be a lifesaver.

Compact Stowage:

  • When closed, units measure 9"L x 8"W x 2.75"H (Multi-Boards are 10"L),
  • Unit can stow alongside 2" JeppesenR Airway Manuals in flight bags or chart cases,
  • Thigh strap is used to secure cover from inadvertent opening when carrying or storing.

High Quality Materials and Finish:

  • .050" Aluminum, powder coated & silk-screened for durability and professional appearance.

Each Unit also Includes:

  • (3)Chart Pockets (additional Chart Pockets available on this site and through pilot shops)
  • Customizable IFR Quick Reference / Memory Aid available as a free download
  • (1) VelcroR-wrapped pencil (additional VelcroR available at most hardware stores)

Chart Management

Some pilots have the impression that they must use JeppesenR IFR charts to properly utilize the tri-fold ORGA-KNEE-ZERTM models.  This is not the case.  Although the 7-ring binder is ideal for pre-punched JeppesenR products, the chart pockets, writing pad/clip areas and elastic cord areas of the ORGA-KNEE-ZERTM were designed to accommodate both JeppesenR and NOS chart types, IFR or VFR.   (The Multi-BoardTM also accommodates Flight Guide)


Suggested Use, VFR or IFR Flight - (Pull & Pre-Fold Charts)

Before flight, we suggest you pull the appropriate approach charts or airport diagrams and pre-fold the appropriate enroute charts or sectionals to the desired route, then place them in whatever part of the unit that works best for you.  Try using the chart pockets when possible to hold the approach charts (Jepp or individual NOS sheets), so that you need only flip to that page during an approach, rather than the alternative of searching for the proper chart and securing it in a kneeboard or yoke clip at that critical time.

You may want to organize the approach charts alphabetically, and the area charts or sectionals in the order of planned use during flight.  You can even use chart tabs to quickly locate the proper chart.  During longer flights, the pre-folded enroute charts or sectionals will need to be pulled and unfolded for viewing or perhaps refolded for a different view and reinserted into the appropriate chart pocket, clip or elastic cord area.

Suggested Use for NOS Booklets - (Use Elastic Cords)

NOS booklets are often times the only charts available at many FBO's, so they must be accommodate in some fashion for IFR flight.  Unfortunately, bound NOS booklets don't really lend themselves to be easily used during flight, either standalone or when used with most kneeboards, because of their size and book-like qualities.  Although the age-old method of using a rubber band to keep an NOS booklet open to the proper page during an approach can certainly still be used to compliment the ORGA-KNEE-ZERTM models, you might try other "approaches".

The more organized pilots might prefer to pull the likely approaches required for the flight from the NOS booklet and insert them into chart pockets prior to each flight organized as described above.

Alternatively, the elastic cords behind the binder ring contents in the tri-fold models can be used to secure an NOS booklet opened to the required approach.  This method can also be used to hold the booklet in place on the outer cover as well, when used as a clipboard.

Use of Other Accessories -  (from personal organizers)

The standard 7-ring binder (5.5" x 8.5" sheet size) is compatible with certain models from leading personal organizer suppliers including DayTimerR and FranklinCovey (see Downloads / Links), providing accessories for even more uses.

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