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Cessna - checkmate - 2492

Price: $17.99

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  • By Far, The Most Complete Single Card Checklist On The Market.
  • Over A Decade Of Time-Tested Evolution, Assuring You Of Having The Most Comprehensive
    & Accurate Data Possible.
  •  Intuitive. Data That Is Logical, Concise, & Complete.
  •  Emergency Procedures That Are Found Instantly.
     No Searching. Procedures That Are Complete & Easy To Read.
  •  Accurate & Specific Data And Procedures For YOUR Model/Year Aircraft.
  •  The Most Comprehensive V Speed Section In The Industry.
  •  Speeds Are Given In Both KNOTS & MPH.
  •  Everything On One Card. No Pages To Flip. One Of The Few Checklists That Will Continue
     To Be Used After The Instructor Is Gone!
  •  Full Color Graphic Layout, Greatly Enhancing Quick Reference & Reduced Eye Strain.
  •  A Dedicated Departure, Cruise, & Arrival Section.
  •  Fuel, Oil, Electrical, Tire, & Weight Information.
  •  Important Communication Frequencies, & Light Signals.
  •  Linear Scale for Measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN Mileage Distances.
  •  Over 275 Aircraft Models Available With The Identical Format. This Vastly Improves Your
     Comfort & Safety Of Flying Different Aircraft. The Data Will Be Where You Expect It To Be.
  •  Free Upgrades. We Post When Improvements Occur In Our Checklist And Offer Them
     At No Charge.
  •  Most Models Available In 3 Sizes: Standard 6.5 x 9, Compact 5 x 7, & Pocket 3.75 x 6.5
  •  Can Be Personalized With Your Name, "N" Number, Logo, or Flight School Procedures.
  •  Usually Same-Day Shipping.
  •  Custom Orders Are Usually Shipped Within 2 Days!
  •  CheckMate is used in Part 135 Operations, Part 141 Schools, and Part 61 Schools.
     Most pilots tell us that once they fly with CheckMate
    they never go back to anything else.
  •  Since 1992, The Only Company To Offer A Lifetime Warranty To Pilots And Flight Schools.
  •  Checklist Fax Service For Those That Are In Need Of An Immediate Checklist.
  • The Most Dedicated Service In The Industry.
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