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Seaplane Operations

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>Seaplane Training - ASA-SEA-OPS - 168

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 Beautifully illustrated with historic photos and original drawings, covering all aspects of water flying to open up new destinations and bring more exotic places within a pilot's reach!

Seaplane Operations is a comprehensive text on basic and advanced techniques for floatplanes, amphibians and flying boats from around the world, featuring museum-quality photographs and illustrations. It is co-authored by Dale DeRemer and Cesare Baj. Mr. Baj is a science writer, editorial consultant, and dedicated seaplane pilot with worldwide water flying experience. Dr. DeRemer is a retired professor of aviation, flight instructor and ATP-qualified pilot, has logged nearly 20,000 hours of flight time in all types of general aviation aircraft, and was a field director for the Seaplane Pilots Association.

This book covers natural elements, seamanship, water aerodromes and seaplane bases, ground and water operations, high speed (step) taxiing, takeoff, seaplane flight and navigation, landing, docking, ramping and buoying, operations with amphibians, flying multi-engine seaplanes, weight and balance, advanced techniques and a variety of special operations, mechanics of water flying, seaplane flight planning, aircraft choices, and water flying in the world.

There are historical and contemporary photographs and explanatory illustrations on every page of the main text, and a rich mixture of watercolor and black-and-white drawing illustrations, maps, line drawings, tables and graphs decorate and explain the concepts throughout this elaborately illustrated volume. No other seaplane book is like it in its extensive record of many types of seaplanes and flying boats. It is the only source of information for many of the floatplanes, amphibians, and flying boats in use throughout the world today, as well as historical information on little-known seaplane types throughout aviation history. Softcover 6-1/2 x 9-1/2" format, indexed, 404 pages.

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