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CX-2 Flight Computer

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Flight Computers - ASA-CX-2 - 1216

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ASA's new electronic flight computer is a price/performance breakthrough, resulting from advances in display and microcomputer technologies. Aviators can calculate true airspeed, ground speed,mach number,altitudes,fuel,headings and courses,time/speed/distance,winds, headwind/crosswind components, gliding information and weight and balance.

Continuing the tradition of the original, successful CX-1a, the CX-2 is the easiest to use, most versatile and useful aviation calculator available. Check out all of these features:

  • Authorized for use on FAA Exams
  • 34 functions provide access to 40 aviation calculations,including weight and balance.
  • 16 unit conversions.
  • Prompts guide users through each problem for fast and easy operation.
  • Calculator and conversion functions can be used alone or within any aviation calculation.
  • Large, easy to read screen.
  • Menu structure provides easy entry,review, and editing within each function-users can change variables and recompute without reentering the whole problem.
  • Inputs and outputs are labeled and numbers displayed with units.
  • Includes a stopwatch,countdown timer,and an internal clock that displays both local and UTC time that will keep the time even with the calculator turned off.
  • Functions can be used together in chain calculations-the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered into subsequent problems.
  • Menu organization reflects how a flight is planned and executed, resulting in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of key strokes.
  • Ergonomic design features a simple keyboard for minimum keystrokes,slim design allows computer to fit into a shirt pocket.
  • Hard plastic carrying case protects the computer,and fits on the back of the unit for easy storage when the computer is use.
  • Uses four AAA batteries(included).
  • 5 Year warranty.

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