SimCorp Flight Training Inc (Visits: 3387) City: Orlando, Miami,Atlanta & Dubai, Bahrain, Amman, Florida
Have you ever been sat in one of those training sessions and whatever the Instructor is telling you is just going straight over your head and the information is in a holding position above you rather than landing in your brain? You have practically fallen asleep or simply zoned out as the voice is so monotonous? Well that's NOT any member of the SimCorp Team. We are an enthusiastic group of people who are all excited about Aviation. We've been there, done that and know that there is only one short cut - to work smart and hard! It's not easy, it shouldn't be, after all you've chosen a career that is always progressing with the introduction of new aircraft and constant revisions. You'll be studying for all your career and every year going through a check and medical so you need to stay on top of things and remain sharp. But we also know that you would not want to be going through all the studying and training if aviation were not your passion. The SimCorp Team knows how to break down that more challenging stuff, present it to you in a way you can ingest, remember and use it and keep your enthusiasm levels high. The Team has worked with more Airlines than we can mention, but if you are into that kind of thing; here they are: Airbus, Boeing, US Gov, US Air Force, US Navy, Brainiff, Emery, JetBlue, Qatar, Etihad, Kuwait, Emirates, Atlas, Eastern, US Air, CAE and GoAir to name but a few!!
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