Monumental Helicopters (Visits: 3321) City: Fort Meade, Maryland
Minutes from Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, DC - Learn to fly in our newly overhauled R22 Beta II, with the option of transitioning to our R44, or build affordable Instrument time in our Simulator - Our Elite TH-100 Simulator is ‘state of the art,’ with a recent FAA Advanced ATD Certification, and is approved under 14 CFR part 61 for: Instrument Rating: Up to 20 Hours, Private Pilot Certificate: Up to 2.5 Hours, Commercial Pilot Certificate: Up to 50 Hours, Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: Up to 25 Hours, Additional authorizations include Recent Flight Experience, Instrument Proficiency Check and Logged Flight Experience - We invite you to visit our hangar, office, and classrooms! Call to schedule a meeting or speak directly with one of our CFIIs: Chip Tayag, CFII 410-206-3681 Seth Clute, CFI 410-491-4354 Mario Zunic ,CFII 310-849-5152 410-491-4354,
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