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The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) enables the holder to act as pilot in command of a single pilot aircraft or as co-pilot of an airplane multi-manned and charge for their work.

According to JAR-FCL, an applicant for this license, a modular, should start from the License Private Pilot (PPL) and also have::
. 18 Years of Age
. GCE “A level” or GCSE - GCE “O level”
. Aviation Medical Certificate (CLASS I)

Course Content:
. Theoretical Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)
. 105 Flight hours
. Multi-engine rating (ME) and Instrumental rating (IR)
. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The theoretical knowledge syllabus shall comprise at least 650 hours of instruction in the following areas:
. Air Law (64 hours)
. General Knowledge of aircraft (101 hours)
. Instruments (56 hours)
. Performance (30 hours)
. Weight and Balance (26 hours)
. Flight Planning (40 hours)
. Human Factors (40 hours)
. Meteorology (56 hours)
. General Navegation (64 hours)
. Radionavegation (57 hours)
. Operational Procedures (38 hours)
. Principles of flight (52 hours)
. Communications VFR/IFR (26 hours)

The deadline for obtaining a commercial pilot license will depend on the speed with which each student passes the modules that compose it, with a minimum of 18 months.

-Private Pilot (PPL) 180 theory hours 45 flight hours 6079 USD                           -Theorical Airline Transport (ATPL) 800 theory hours 3684 USD                               -Time building I 50 flight hours (Cessna 150) 6447 USD                                        -Multi-Engine aircraft (ME) 23 flight hours (6 VFR + 17 IFR) and
Instrumental flight(IR) 80 flight hours (40 PF + 40 PNF) 16579 USD
-Time building II 55 flight hours (Cessna 150) 7092 USD                                                -Commercial License (CPL) 15 flight hours 4298 USD
-MCC 40 flight hours (20 PF + 20 PNF) 3561 USD

TOTAL 980 theory hours 308 flight hours 47.742USD

Madrid: 250 m2 classrooms and offices in the city center, airport employees as a base: Cuatro Vientos, Torrejón Air Base and Barajas International Airport.
Málaga: 1.600 m2 classrooms and offices in the city center, 1.200 m2 hangars, airports used as base of operations: Velez Malaga International Airport.
Own Air Maintenance JAR-145. Student Residence.

NOTICE: Courses by availability of simulator, aircraft, and weather are to be taught in Malaga are INCLUDED in the price of student accommodation plus a companion in our student residence located on the beach of Malaga (Fuengirola).

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