Eagle Flyers Inc (Visits: 4142) City: Indianapolis, Indiana

Just think of it: How great would it be to drive to an airport convenient to your business, park for free within walking distance of your hangar, climb aboard your personal aircraft, take off and fly to the destination of your choice, on your schedule, and then return on your schedule.

Let's replay that. No parking fees, no waiting in the parking lot for the shuttle bus, no tickets to buy, no checking in, no metal detectors, no having to take your shoes off, no having to empty your pockets, no having to wait in long lines to board, and no departure delays at busy airports. When you fly yourself the rules change. You save plenty of time, too. Let's compare flying as a private pilot versus flying commercially. As a private pilot, when I arrive at Montgomery Aviation, it only takes me 15 minutes to pull the plane out of the hangar and be ready to go.

But when you fly commercially, it takes much longer just to check in and get through security. Once you get to your gate and board a commercial airline, I can already be 200 miles on my way. Add in the time you'll waste getting out of your destination airport and I can travel 400 miles while you were waiting in the airports. In fact, I can beat a commercial airline from Indianapolis to Atlanta in the time you waste getting in and out of most commercial airports.   

Montgomery Aviation's, "Eagle Flyers" is one of the few flight schools to offer training in new Cessna aircraft. Eagle Flyers, is a Cessna Pilot Center with the areas most experienced flight instructors. All of our instructors are professional pilots with thousands of hours of experience.Our Chief Instructor has been flying since 1970. Our instructors are not building time to go elsewhere. They have time. They instruct because they love aviation and the satisfaction of sharing the dream with new pilots.

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