Colorado Takes Flight llc (Visits: 2244) City: Erie, Colorado

Whether you are interested in becoming a professional pilot, just want the joy of flying to breakfast on the weekend, or would like to take weekend trips only possible with the speed of flight. I'll provide training to help you achieve your dreams. Becoming a pilot can be challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time.

Why you'll find my training to be the best:
- Mature, full-time pilot with life experience; not the next CFI on their way to an airline job.
- Patience, flexibility and an understanding of the value of your time and money.

Above-and-beyond training:
I don't just teach you to pass the practical test. I teach you things most flight schools will never touch on; practical lessons and knowledge you will use often in your flying future and the proper care for and fuelling of your aircraft.

You will gain real-life cross-country flight experience, not just the minimums to meet FAA requirements, including real-life scenarios that will help prepare you for your FAA Checkride and every flight after.

Discounted cross-country flight lessons to my students where we fly a volunteer mission for Angel Flight or Pilots N Paws.

Fly from a Boulder-area airport in my impeccably maintained aircraft. Or I can travel to you and give you individual training in your aircraft, at your location.

Also check out my other services:
Biannual Flight Reviews (BFR) and Instrument
Proficiency Checks (IPC) for more experienced pilots.
Skilled commercial pilot as a copilot on a long
cross country flight for safety. Do you fly yourself to business meetings, but at the end of the day feel too exhausted to fly home? I can make sure you get home safe.

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