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California ( CA )
AOPA ASN San Diego   City: San Diego
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Florida ( FL )
ULTIMATE AIR ACADEMY   City: Daytona Beach

Ultimate Air Academy is Daytona Beach’s newest flight school offering flight training, aircraft rental and maintenance services. We’re here to help you reach for the skies and with our friendly, dedicated staff and top of the line equipment you’ll be flying through them in no time. 

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Sheffield School of Aeronautics   City: Fort Lauderdale
Flight dispatcher courses from the world's oldest and most reputable aircraft dispatcher school. Established in 1948, Sheffield School of Aeronautics has trained thousands of people from around the world for their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License.
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Illinois ( IL )
Flight Innovation   City: Chicago, IL
Flight Innovation is approved by FAA under 14 CFR part 65. Our instructors are current active Flight Dispatchers and will take any effort to help you obtain your license. We offer time in and outside of the class because your success is our success. Aviation interest is welcome, experience not required. Join our class, don’t wait. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) dispatch license.
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Minnesota ( MN )
Academy College   City: Bloomington

If you have a passion for aviation and want to work in an industry where the sky is the limit, you’ve come to the right place! Whether your dream is to pilot an aircraft or help guide it through stormy skies, Academy College offers the career training for you. Our graduates secure exciting jobs such as: aircraft dispatcher, airline pilot, corporate pilot, air charter pilot, fire watch pilot, test pilot, fixed-base operations manager, airline manager, customer service representative, aircraft sales, aircraft insurance, airport security and airport management.

At Academy College, we provide comprehensive aviation programs geared toward real-world airline and general aviation hiring needs. We are proud to be the exclusive provider of Minnesota’s one-and-only FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatch Training Program. Combine this with the Twin Cities’ largest Collegiate Professional Pilot Flight Training Program as well as an impressive Aviation Business Program, and you’ll soon realize why Academy College is the premier aviation school in the Metro area.

Flight training is conducted in Cessna and Piper aircraft delivered by Thunderbird Aviation. This intense and exhilarating instruction is complemented by select simulator training and structured ground-school training that prepares graduates for competitive careers in aviation.

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