ULTIMATE AIR ACADEMY (Visits: ) City: Daytona Beach, Florida

Ultimate Air Academy is Daytona Beachís newest flight school offering flight training, aircraft rental and maintenance services. Weíre here to help you reach for the skies and with our friendly, dedicated staff and top of the line equipment youíll be flying through them in no time. Flight Training Operating under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 61, we offer training for pilots seeking all types of certificates, from Private Pilot to Commercial to Certified Flight Instructor and beyond. Our highly qualified and dedicated Flight Instructor will ensure that you are well trained and knowledgeable in flight technique and aviation knowledge, and fully prepared to enter the world of aviation. Whether youíre goal is to be a weekend recreational pilot or career airline Captain, Ultimate Air Academy is the place to start. We offer a wide array of training opportunities. Our continually expanding fleet will ensure that you fly the top of the line aircraft with the most current technology in avionics and equipment. With upcoming plans for simulators, youíll be able to continue training even during the worst weather Florida has to offer. Ground school lessons will teach you the fundamentals of aerodynamics, aviation safety, weather and procedures.One on one attention makes sure that when you meet your Examiner, youíre fully prepared and 100% confident in your abilities to succeed. Aircraft Rental Our aircraft rental program allows you the opportunity to build time, practice maneuvers, retain your currency or take a weekend trip just for the fun of it without the added cost of the Flight Instructor. After completing your certificate or simply taking an easy, short check out with a Flight Instructor, youíll be able to rent a top of the line plane for your own, recreational use. Aircraft Maintenance Our highly skilled, certified Airframe and Poweplant (A&P) Mechanic is here to ensure that any aircraft you fly is in tip top condition. Whether itís one of our own aircraft or your own private aircraft, our Mechanic will make sure that itís fully airworthy and ready for any adventure you may embark on. †

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